Thursday, May 13, 2004

So I get a lot of spam. I got some spam this morning with an attachment -

"details05_markfamous.doc                      .pif"

Now, my version of Outlook blocked this.

Note that the ".pif" is all the way over there at the end. If you took a quick glance at this, you might think it is a normal document. Most word documents are safe to open and Word normally prompts you if the document is trying to run a macro that might do something to your computer. But this document is not a .DOC document. It is a .PIF.

.PIF's are definitions of command line executions. They represent old dos programs. So if I clicked on this to launch it it would run a program.

They continue to get more sneaky.

Best rule - if you aren't sure - forward it and let a "techie" check it out for you.

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