Thursday, June 30, 2005

CPB - It gets worse

It gets worse.

6/7 Diane Rehm

Col D. McGregor and James Fallows are labeled "liberal". (Not liberal is not a bad term when used towards someone who is a liberal like me but) --- Why, you ask?

"Col. McGregor's viewpoint was that troop tour of duty extensions in Iraq is hurting morale. Col. McGregor stated that U.S. troups are trined [sic] for linear combat not to be policemen in post-war Iraq. According to McGregor, the U.S. soldiers have killed innocent civilians which has bred bitterness and hatred among Iraqis."

"Mr. Fallows viewpoint was the same as Col. McGregor; open-ended, repeat tours of duty damage morale."


So if you don't agree that everything is peachy in Iraq and/or even report on the factual morale problems with troops in Iraq you are biased?

This makes me SOOOOO mad.

NPR : CPB Memos Indicate Level of Monitoring

NPR : CPB Memos Indicate Level of Monitoring
This stuff is really getting me angry. I regretfully wrote emails to both of my PBS stations telling them I can't give them money because of this sort of stuff. I also told them I am very unhappy that my money might end up in the hands of the Wall Street Journal, Fotune or other corporate entities. I'm not happy about the integration of commercial media into the titles of shows on PBS let alone any sort of big media "product placement" in PBS shows. They have enough influence.

At least she wiggled her toes.

Persecution of Christians

I was watching John Stewart the other night and they had more commentary about the members of congress complaining about the persecution of Christians in America. I got to thinking about that. They are correct - but the persecution is by the conservative Christian right. I am really getting tired of them defining my Christian values as being about 10 commandments in the courthouse, keeping alive brain dead people by artificial means and actions to force Christianity on the unbelievers. People are not going to become believers by those means. Their persecution continues by ignoring my Christian beliefs in feeding the hunger, caring for the sick, the friendless and the needy, and working to make society less stressful on the people at the bottom. If there is any voice not being heard, it is the Christians trying to follow in Christ's footsteps. I'm tired of them getting center stage and defining Christianity under their terms.

Look Out World

Signing up for my mobile blog. I can take now take photos with my camera and they appear in the blog. Look out world!
The Old New Thing : A simple story in pictures

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Active RFID - What about the environment?

My response to InfoWorld's The case for active RFID - Ephraim Schwartz

I hope any issues with the disposal of RFID tags - passive, active or otherwise - is not going to be an afterthought. I can only assume that passive tags are harmless, but your opinion piece on active tags makes me scared for all of the batteries being thrown in the garbage or scattered all over the earth. Maybe the added expense of active tags will encourage reuse, but that will won't stop eventual or accidental disposal.

What is the environmental impact of all of these tags in our disposable packaging? I hope we don't find out too late as we've done with the millions of old PCs and and monitors. My fear on RFID is that as they take off, disposal of billions or trillions (keep going....) of tags will be a problem.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Google Earth

Google Earth
This is just about the most amaizing thing I've seen in a long time. Wow. Very impressive.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tonight I found a new bug. Each archive page has a footer that shows 5 random photos from elsewhere in the archive. On a page showing 5 random photos from the 25000+ photos in the archive, this picture appeared twice. Maybe I'm going to win the lottery? Maybe I should just fix the bug.

Old Photos

We need to get more older scanned stuff in the archive. Isn't this precious!