Friday, August 10, 2007

Today I got my first AT&T Wireless bill with my iphone. What a joke. Mine was 37 pages detailing every KB of data transfer. Page after page with a grand total of 111,421 KB at $0.00. They had to send it to me in a special big envelop because all those pages would not fold up in a normal bill. They probably had to pay extra postage also. I need to surf more often and see how many pages I can get them to send me.

AT&T is just totally clueless and idiotic.

Here's an iphone bill opening video.

Coding Horror: The Large Display Paradox

Coding Horror: The Large Display Paradox

ha, but on the mac, this is not a problem as windows maximize to the size of the contents, not the size of the screen.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Citibank's response:

"Customer Service Wrote:

We apologize for your experience with our Service Professional. Our goal is to provide superior service to each of our customers. Your feedback is appreciated and helps us improve the service we provide.

Thank you for taking time to send us your suggestions. Your comments are valuable and will help guide us as we continue to enhance our service. We have forwarded this information to the proper department for further consideration.

The Dividend Opt Out conversion offer were mailed on 04/30/07 to customers to advise them that their account will automatically be upgraded to new WorldCard products. The respond by date to opt out from this conversion was 06/22/07.

Thank you for using our website."

Seems canned. I wonder if others are having this problems. There was an opt out letter sent but it said if I opted out, my account would be closed. Seems like that's not much help.

It's also disappointing that they are going to punish some Service Professional when the problem lies with the higher ups who made the marketing decision to switch me to a new card. Too bad they will punish the person who answered my phone call.
Citibank stinks. Here's why.

They decided to send me new credit cards and cancel my existing account. This is a huge pain and is going to cause me lots of grief. I got so fed up with them I canceled my account and urge anyone else facing the same problem to also cancel their accounts.

My note to them:

"I'm very unhappy with your latest scam where you canceled my old account and sent me new cards with new numbers. I have automatic payments to several organizations including my newspaper, tivo, public radio, and others. Switching numbers caused me a huge problem and gave me zero benefits. I read the literature and I could see no benefit for me in switching numbers. You then wasted 20 minutes of my time just now on the phone and I decided to close those accounts.

I will now spent the next month with late payments and questions about why my automatic transactions no longer work and I have to clean this all up. Please pass on to whomever made the decision to force an account change that you have lost me as a customer. I will also make sure to recommend to others to avoid Citibank for this kind of practice.