Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Citibank stinks. Here's why.

They decided to send me new credit cards and cancel my existing account. This is a huge pain and is going to cause me lots of grief. I got so fed up with them I canceled my account and urge anyone else facing the same problem to also cancel their accounts.

My note to them:

"I'm very unhappy with your latest scam where you canceled my old account and sent me new cards with new numbers. I have automatic payments to several organizations including my newspaper, tivo, public radio, and others. Switching numbers caused me a huge problem and gave me zero benefits. I read the literature and I could see no benefit for me in switching numbers. You then wasted 20 minutes of my time just now on the phone and I decided to close those accounts.

I will now spent the next month with late payments and questions about why my automatic transactions no longer work and I have to clean this all up. Please pass on to whomever made the decision to force an account change that you have lost me as a customer. I will also make sure to recommend to others to avoid Citibank for this kind of practice.

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