Thursday, June 30, 2005

CPB - It gets worse

It gets worse.

6/7 Diane Rehm

Col D. McGregor and James Fallows are labeled "liberal". (Not liberal is not a bad term when used towards someone who is a liberal like me but) --- Why, you ask?

"Col. McGregor's viewpoint was that troop tour of duty extensions in Iraq is hurting morale. Col. McGregor stated that U.S. troups are trined [sic] for linear combat not to be policemen in post-war Iraq. According to McGregor, the U.S. soldiers have killed innocent civilians which has bred bitterness and hatred among Iraqis."

"Mr. Fallows viewpoint was the same as Col. McGregor; open-ended, repeat tours of duty damage morale."


So if you don't agree that everything is peachy in Iraq and/or even report on the factual morale problems with troops in Iraq you are biased?

This makes me SOOOOO mad.

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