Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Retalix Store and Retalix HQ Applications Now Available from StoreNext; Former TCI Products Provide New Opportunities for StoreNext Dealers: "StoreNext Retail Technologies LLC announces the immediate availability of key enterprise-level applications that were previously developed and marketed by TCI Solutions, Inc. [The apps have been] ... renamed Retalix Store and Retalix Headquarters."

Ha. Ha. I wrote a lot of that stuff. I remember when we had to change the name from HQPM2 (the 2 should be superscript) to TCI HQ. We also changed SSM to SM2 (same 2 in superscript) to TCI Store. I recall doing a bit of work to make the name changing easier for next time. I hope the Retalix folks gain the benefits of easier name changing.

Please note that making the 2 superscript in the dos file name was requested but never happened. Thank goodness for Windows Links.

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