Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I was listening to the Bernstein Mass tonight. I also found this:

Timeline: School of Music: Indiana University

Under 1988 it mentions "Leonard Bernstein’s Mass at Tanglewood, as part of Boston Symphon's celebration of his seventieth birthday". I was in that performance. We performed the pieces several times in Bloomington, then went on the road to Tanglewood. My parents and other family members all attended the concert. I met Bernstein after the concert while he was sitting there with a drink and a cigarette. Mom got him to sign a program. It's in my scrapbook.

Under 1989 is also mentions "Philharmonic Orchestra participates in opening festivities of the Bastille Opera House" I was also in that performance and I made my orchestral debut as a celesta player. I convinced them they could save air-fare for one person to just let me play the part. The instrument in Paris waamazingng. traveleded to Paris for this concert. I have a photo album with lots of pictures.

Finally is mentions "Thomas Mathiesen, the nation'’s foremost authority on ancient Greek and Medieval Latin music theory texts, appointed" who taught me music history one semester.

Wow. Lots of memories.

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