Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I called Linksys about my BEFSX41. They sent me a beta firmware update - 1.44.11t, Apr 16 2003 - that finally fixed my problem. The problem was interesting. The port forwarding was working, but only outside the router. http://famousfamily2.dnsalias.org worked for the technician on the phone, but when I tried that address on my network, it did not work. It appears as if the router was forwarding the port to the external network, but internal requests were not returned back to the computer on the network forwarding the port. This was no good because I could not test my forwarding. I also have some programs that are hard coded to look for http://famousfamily2.dnsalias.org and I wanted to use the same version for both internal network and external network access. The firmware update fixed this. I'm surprised it is not a more important problem.

I replaced the old router with the new BEFSX41. Next step is to set up the VPN connection with Tod, but that might take a while.

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