Monday, August 18, 2003

Linksys routers are giving me a headache. I bought a WRT54G. It worked OK for a while, but then the Diag light came on and would not go off. Sigh. Red Diag light not going out on the Router. So much for that router. I signed up for an RMA, but then realized that Linksys was going to make me pay to ship the old one back to them. I only bought it less than 30 days ago so I plan on returning it to BestBuy. We'll see if my email and phone calls stop LinkSys from sending my the RMA exchange. I'd rather return it at BestBuy because Linksys is the one who can't make a working product and I don't want to pay shipping for their problem.

Which leads me to the second router headache. I got a BEFSX41 for VPNing with Tod. It worked OK, but Port Forwarding does not work. UGH! I send Linksys a support email. We'll see where that goes. Hopefully Cisco will get involved here and clean Linksys up. That's the only reason I will stick with them. I can give Tod grief.

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