Sunday, April 17, 2005

I'm saddened. Another thing I was thinking about earlier this week was the reality of the relationship after someone in the relationship dies. Mom and dad knew each other for 36 years. They had an intimate relationship. They loved each other. Now mom has died. When someone in a relationship like theirs dies, each day the other person continues to live, it seems that the intimacy of their relationship diminishes. It must diminish over time because someone that you loved is no longer here with you. It's like the longer you live, the more distant your relationship with the other becomes. Regardless of whether you meet after this world, one can ponder only ponder the pain of this separation. I got to thinking about it and it made me pretty unhappy. I can't imagine how my dad is thinking and I wonder how I would cope with that situation. It must be difficult.

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  1. I've wondered similar things...esp. about whether it is comforting to see all of Judi in the house...esp. in the bedroom or is it too painful to be around, see and smell someone who you were so close to and now is no longer there....