Saturday, April 09, 2005

Yea. They just sold out. Retalix acquires TCI Solutions. Good bye TCI. Good luck to the people I enjoyed working with who don't have jobs anymore. I would say the acquisition is basically for TCI's customers and some POS drivers, but that's just my opinion. I have some stock. We'll see how my 36 shares of TCI do.

On the last day I worked at TCI, we were at lunch. I had been talking with my buddies about what to do about my stock options. I thought I might buy one just for the paperwork hassle. I had options to buy shares at twenty five cents a share. I took my drink cup from lunch (purchased for $1.50) and went around the table collecting pocket change. I then went back to the office and collected more pocket change. The CEO even gave me 55 cents. I boxed up the change and sent it to Irvine. They did not appreciate the money in Irvine (although I guess they no longer have job either, so there is no hard feelings on my part. I hope they do OK). When I later found out about this I asked them to give the change to Jim S. (he owe's me nine dollars) and sent them a check for nine dollars. They sent my this.

Note that Dave Auerbach has his signature on the document as the COO, but they fired him several years before I left. Kinda funny. Steve DeSantis also signed it. Ha. I'll post again when I see how much I get for it - if they even remember I have it.

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